Flexible Imaging Bundles

The versatility and customizability of SCHOTT’s flexible fiberoptic imaging bundles make them highly suitable for a wide range of applications. They have proven themselves to be most valuable in the medical, industrial as well as defense and security markets.

Doctor holding large endoscope in hospital operating theater

Seeing more in medtech applications

Flexible Imaging Bundles, also known as Leached Fiber Bundles (LFBs) in medtech applications such as endoscopy, offer a small diameter and lightweight optical channel for use in tightest spaces and sensitive environments. They transfer a high-resolution image that's ideal for medical diagnosis and treatment as part of an endoscope system.

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Soldier with WFB - Large Diameter Image Guide - Defense

Flexible vision for defense

SCHOTT’s portfolio of Flexible Imaging Bundles provide single or multi optical channels to observe locations from a remote position. Serving the situational awareness, either mounted or dismounted, the image guides can be used as pure-eye visioning, as an flexible optical extension, or as a passive back-up of electro-optics.

View inside a Tokamak reactor

Industrial and Machine Vision applications

Also known as Wound Fiber Bundles (WFBs), Flexible Imaging Bundles in larger diameters and lengths offer versatile visioning solutions for industrial applications. Their flexible layout enables use in remote locations, or any location where cameras or electronics can't be mounted. They make the difference in research and ordered array detecting, and offer independence from magnetic fields and vacuums.

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