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SCHOTT glass-to-metal sealing has been the technology of choice for more than 20 years for primary lithium and industrial grade lithium-ion batteries. Based on this expertise, SCHOTT GTAS®, the world’s first glass-to-aluminum sealing technology, was specifically developed for long-lasting lithium-ion batteries and capacitors. Glass-to-metal seals are a reliable method of creating long-life seals capable of operating in a broad range of conditions. These seals can withstand electrical current, temperature, pressure variations, and corrosive chemicals.

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High temperature stability

Depending on design and material combination, SCHOTT battery and capacitor lids can endure temperature ranges from -60°C to +150°C. SCHOTT lids have a high compressive loading on the glass and pin that remains intact even in drastic temperature changes (as long as the entire cover is exposed evenly).

Chemical and electrolyte resistance

Over the years, SCHOTT has worked with customers to develop specialty glasses and tailor-made combinations with metal to fit common chemistries. This has enabled SCHOTT battery and capacitor glasses to exhibit optimal electrolyte corrosion resistance and HF resistance.

Mechanical robustness

SCHOTT battery and capacitor lids are designed as 'compression seals'. Compression sealing takes place when the glass and metal have different coefficients of thermal expansion and the metal shrinks around the solidified glass. Because glass is extremely strong in compression, compression seals can withstand extremely high pressures and physical stress, such as mechanical and thermal shock.

Long-lasting gas-tightness

Glass-to-metal sealed battery and capacitor covers are based on the hermetic meld of glass and metal parts (usually < 1E-8 mbar l/s). Due to the inorganic nature of glass and metal, the level of hermeticity remains consistent over many years, enabling stable battery performance for 15 years or longer.


Battery and capacitor lids - Specifications 

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