SCHOTT AR-GLAS® is used for a vast range of pharma, medical and science applications because of its physical and chemical properties. Its acid resistance and high geometrical accuracy makes it ideal for pharmaceutical packaging, as well as laboratory glass.

High standards make SCHOTT AR-GLAS® a clear favorite

Let there be light

AR-GLAS® has a good transmission rate from UV-A over the visible into the near IR region.

Setting the standards

SCHOTT is known for its consistently high levels of quality and best production practices.

High class resistance

AR-GLAS® has strong chemical resistance in Acid Class S1 and Alkali Class A2.

A safe package

SCHOTT recommends that AR-GLAS® is transported via our patented DENSOPACK® system, with shrink-wrapped rube ends for products with outside diameters of over 8mm.


In addition to the dimensions below, different lengths and outside diameters up to 70 mm are available upon request. Standard length is 1500 mm.

Special sizes of tubing between 1200 and 4000 mm long, and with an outside diameter range of 18 to 38 mm, are available upon request.

Tubing with outside diameters of between 5–30 mm can be additionally coated to protect from scratches (minimum quantity is 2 tons).





Dimension - Rods

Rods with an outside diameter of up to 30 mm are available upon request. Standard length is 1500 mm.

All tubing and rod dimensions shown are available on short notice. All carton contents and weights are approximate.

Dimensions Rods


Physical Properties

Physical Properties01

Physical Properties02

Measured on processed glass with 1.0 mm wall thickness.



Chemical Properties

Chemical Properties01

Main components in approximate weight percentage.



≤ OD 7mm = Cartons


DENSOPACK®: Tightly packed and covered with shrink film for effective transport protection.


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