SCHOTT RealView® - High Refractive Index Wafers for Augmented Reality

The digital and real world are growing together. The Augmented Reality is merging the virtual content directly into our view to the world, for immersive experiences to enrich our private or professional life. Smart Glasses or Head Mounted Devices (HMD) are the most effective user interface for a more hands-free experience providing less limits in usage and highest comfort and freedom.
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It is the optical glass, which can boost the experience to the next level of impressions by guiding wide images in bright color and high contrast. For a seamless fusion of both worlds, the Glass Wafer has to deliver not just the best transmission and a high refractive index but furthermore an outstanding accuracy in terms of surface quality and geometry.

Our customers will find in SCHOTT an innovative and reliable partner supplying high performance Glass Wafer during all phases of their product cycle:
  • Customized solutions in the early phase of their product innovation
  • Tailored prototyping in pilot phase
  • High Quality and reliable manufacturing of Glass Wafer for mass production.
Play our video -  SCHOTT RealView®