Four clear circular samples of SCHOTT MEMpax® thin borosilicate glass on a black background


MEMpax® is an extremely thin, smooth borosilicate glass with real versatility. While it shares similar chemical and physical characteristics to SCHOTT’s world-renowned BOROFLOAT®, it opens up many new areas of potential application thanks to its lower thickness and fire-polished surface.
Tiny pressure sensor using a glass pedestal at wafer level

Slimline features and surface appeal

SCHOTT MEMpax® extends the world’s renowned BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass thickness portfolio in extremely low thicknesses, from 0.07-0.55 mm. It also benefits from a pristine, fire-polished surface, removing the need for grinding and polishing, and can be used anywhere that extremely thin borosilicate glasses are required, such as MEMS and biotechnology applications.

Hand holding an ultra-thin glass sheet with lab-on-a-chip system

Outstandingly versatile

A combination of unique thicknesses and outstanding properties expand the potential of MEMpax®. Its CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) corresponds to a silicon wafer, which makes it ideal for wafer applications in anodic and other bonding processes. Low autofluorescence, high UV transmission, and electrically non-conductive properties further widen its potential.

We are certified

We are both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. The production of MEMpax® is constantly monitored at all stages and all our glass is subjected to stringent quality inspection before shipping. It also complies with EU-RoHS and EU-REACH standards.

Diagram of the components of an infrared camera in a smartphone
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