Infrared-permeable glass-ceramic: NEXTREMA® translucent bluegrey (712-6)

The material type translucent bluegrey offers countless possibilities for engineers and designers in the IR range. This NEXTREMA® type boasts more than outstanding infrared wave transmission. It also scores highly with its dead-front lighting effect. I.e. when viewed from the top, none of the parts installed below are visible, yet the light still shines from below. This premium material impresses with its unique material properties – even when subjected to severe mechanical, thermal or chemical stresses. Last but not least, this translucent, bluegrey glass-ceramic serves as a visual highlight for industrial and product design.

Key properties
  • Reduction of visible light in combination with high infrared transmission
  • High  bending strength (150 MPa for materials of 4 mm thickness)
  • Unique, translucent design

Example fields of application
  • Elegant cover plates for indoor and outdoor heaters
  • Decorative element for applications in the fields of architecture, furniture and the household appliances

Standard forms of delivery

The current status of availability by material and form of delivery has to be requested by the customer. Not all combinations are producible. Other forms of delivery are available on request.

General appearance

Transparent, translucent white, translucent bluegrey, opaque white, opaque grey, tinted. One-sided nubs are available on request. The surface texture depends on the thickness. Decoration is available on request.



Flat cut-to-size panels

Thickness Standard length
Min. - Max.
Standard width
Min. - Max.
2 mm 50–1,915 mm 50–860 mm On request
3 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,075 mm C, U, V
4 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,075 mm C, U, V
5 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,075 mm C, U, V
6 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,060 mm C, U, V
≥ 8 mm 50–on request 50–960 mm C, U, V

Bent panels

Formats of bent panels on request. Various shapes are available.
Further data and information available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly be of assistance.

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