SCHOTT Procurement Office (SPO) - Data protection

Legal information on data protection

SCHOTT and all companies affiliated to the SCHOTT group will release inquiries via the Schott Procurement Office (henceforth referred to as SPO). We have every intention of exercising the maximum control possible over the data you have entrusted us with.

In the SPO suppliers’ signup, we will ask you for corporate and personal data. This data will help us to communicate and keep in contact with you. If you ask us not to use this data for further contact, we will immediately respect this wish and delete the data. The personal data to be used for the purposes named above will be handled with confidentiality and used solely within the working relationship between your company and SCHOTT.

The data we have received for the above purposes will be treated confidentially and exclusively within your business relationship with SCHOTT. According to the Bundesdatengesetz [Federal Data Protection Act] §33, we have the duty to inform you that we will be storing all data involving our working relationship. The data we are given will not be divulged or sold to third parties or organisations outside the SCHOTT group. All usage and connection data arising will be used anonymously and exclusively to compile statistics and analyse trends. If you ask us not to use this data for further contact, we will immediately respect this wish and delete the data

Information on data protection

We at SCHOTT are fully aware of the importance of keeping the data that you have supplied to us over the internet confidential, which is why data security in e-commerce has top priority here at SCHOTT. We have made every effort to ensure that our online security measures are effective.

Access to the SPO from your browser will only take place through an SSL layer in encrypted form. This means that data, such as an offer you might send us, will only be transferred using SSL encryption technology. The same applies to data on your company and employees that has been entered into the SPO system. SCHOTT will make every effort to carry out constant adjustments to the encryption technology used to keep abreast of current technological standards in order to ensure that the data you transfer over the internet remains secure and confidential.

Working relationship

Schott will naturally practise responsible data handling and observation of the national and international data protection regulations. Personal data will only be analysed, stored or processed within the parameters of the law and observing the required data security standards and your rights to disclosure and objections against further use of the data.

If you have any questions regarding our data protection practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.