Terms and Conditions for the Provisions and Use of the SCHOTT ID

SCHOTT AG, Mainz, Germany, provides to its customers and their representatives access to a wide range of web-based services and applications through the SCHOTT Portal. In order to use this service, you must open a personalized account, the “SCHOTT ID”. These terms and conditions govern the use of the SCHOTT ID.

1. Eligible Users and Registration

1.1 Registering to the SCHOTT ID is only possible for our customers, their representatives and other persons interested in procuring our products or services. 

1.2 Upon registration, a user has to provide in particular her or his real name and the name of the institution such user represents. All users shall provide all required personal information accurately. They shall must ensure that all such personal information remains accurate and up to date. They shall in particular notify SCHOTT if they are no longer representatives of the institution for which they have registered.

1.3 A user may only create an account for herself or himself. A user shall not transfer such account to any third party or grant access to the account to any third party.

1.4 SCHOTT reserves the right to deny registration to any person that does not meet the criteria cited above. Additionally, SCHOTT may make access to portals operated by SCHOTT ID subject to further conditions, such as providing more information or the validation of users. 


2. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

By registering for the SCHOTT ID a user accept these Terms and Conditions.


3. Rules for Use

3.1 A user shall not post any content on the SCHOTT ID applications and services that includes hate speech, violence, is threatening, discriminatory or pornographic.

3.2 A user shall not use the SCHOTT ID for any illegal or inappropriate actions.

3.3 A user shall not take any actions that may block, overload or harm the functionality of the SCHOTT ID applications and services. A user shall not upload any viruses or malicious codes unto the SCHOTT ID applications and services.

3.4 SCHOTT reserves the right to remove any content that has been posted in violation of the above rules.

3.5 If a user wishes to collect information on other users, such user must first obtain permission to do so and make it clear that it is her or him who collects the information, not SCHOTT. The user shall further provide a data protection directive as required under applicable law. 

3.6 A user shall not use automated mechanisms (such a bots, spiders or scrapers) to collect information on other users or on SCHOTT.


4. Changes in the Terms and Conditions

4.1 SCHOTT may notify any amendment to these Terms and Conditions on a separate website.

4.2 Should SCHOTT amend these Terms and Conditions, SCHOTT will request a user to accept the amended version the next time the user wishes to access the SCHOTT ID applications and services. The user will not be granted access without accepting the amended Terms and Conditions.


5. Termination

5.1 SCHOTT reserves the right to terminate the use of the SCHOTT ID and to close the account of a user at any time and at its free discretion. SCHOTT will notify a user of such termination or closure immediately by email.

5.2 A user is entitled to close the account any time at her or his free discretion.  


6. Information Protection

With the SCHOTT ID, a user can get access to portals containing SCHOTT information. This may include information labeled as confidential. The user is obliged to maintain confidentiality with respect to such information and may use it only for the purpose it was disclosed for. 

Any further reproduction, distribution and utilization of such information as well as the communication to others without express authorization of SCHOTT is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for damages and may be subject to prosecution.