Interior of a vehicle showing the dashboard outlined in blue contour light

Communication Systems

Driving is now a fully interactive process, with computer systems and displays providing information to help the driver at every turn. SCHOTT technology enhances the reliability and functionality of these communications systems to create a harmonious relationship between human and machine.

Head-Up Displays

Dashboard displays for drivers are an indispensable tool, whether used for navigation, communication or monitoring surroundings, but the visual experience needs to be seamless or it could prove distracting. SCHOTT offers advanced thin-layer, anti-reflective glass for optimized visual clarity in changing light and driving conditions.

Touch Displays

When using an automotive touch display, reliability and clarity are key to avoiding unnecessary distraction or visual impairment. Products such as SCHOTT’s thin glass Xensation® 3D offer outstanding strength, as well as impact- and scratch-resistance for touch sensitive solutions.