Easy Care glass solutions

At SCHOTT, less is more, which is why we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the effort needed for the daily care of glass by providing panels with intelligent surfaces.

Cleaning made simple

The product experience of an appliance is not just limited to its operational performance. Glass care and cleaning are both extremely important topics, and an additional area of our innovation efforts. Here glass is unbeatable since, even in its original form, it is easy to clean. To further reduce the effort required for care and cleaning, we are researching new solutions for home appliances and user interfaces.

Glass gas cooktop with cleaning sponge

Easy care solutions

SCHOTT solutions help to save time as they make appliances easier to use and maintain. The easy cleaning of home appliances is an important issue in kitchens, and to further reduce the cleaning effort we are continuously developing new solutions for home appliances and user interfaces.

1) SCHOTT Clean Plus

The cleaning of glass surfaces only requires simple, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents. Coated glasses from SCHOTT, such as those used on gas cooktops or inner oven doors, are even easier to clean since the coating prevents dirt from sticking on the glass surface. This saves time and reduces the need for cleaning agents as cleaning is reduced to a minimum.

Discover how SCHOTT® Clean Plus makes glass hobs easy to clean
Glass hob top with an easy-to-clean coating

SCHOTT Clean Plus for glass hobs

Applied on a glass hob, this coating prevents stubborn grease from adhering to the glass surface. With industry-leading temperature resistance, the invisible coating offers outstanding durability, even under thermal, chemical and mechanical stress.

Egg on an inner oven door glass

SCHOTT Clean Plus for inner oven doors

This state-of-the-art treatment repels spills and dirt from the inner oven window surface, allowing it to be cleaned with minimum effort. Food won’t stick even after repeated heating at elevated temperatures.

Water droplets on a blue glass surface

Long-lasting performance

Our advanced easy-to-clean coating repels spills and dirt from the glass surface, thus reducing cleaning efforts. The surface is extremely durable and has proven itself to be long lasting.

Green Earth underneath a tree

Environmentally friendly solution

The color-neutral SCHOTT Clean Plus coating is less prone to fingerprints and water stains. Less cleaning agent is required resulting in a more environmentally friendly product.

2) Other easy care options

We are constantly researching and developing new added value glass solutions for the easy care of home appliances.

Icon saying dishwasher safe

SCHOTT Wash Resist

This new durable ceramic ink was developed for alkaline environments, with a specific resistance to the pH level of dishwashers. This makes it the perfect choice for cleaning removable control panels of extractor hoods in a dishwasher.

Three colored panels of SCHOTT glass

Structured and matt surfaces

Structured glass and matt surfaces make the glass less prone to fingerprints, offering easy-care solutions to the user.

Glass panel printed using SCHOTT Duo Design

Printed surfaces using SCHOTT Duo Design

Fingerprints on the glass are less visible due to the printed pattern on the glass surface. In addition, this can create unique, high-quality glass fronts.

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