KIMAX® Drainline glass piping has several major advantages that make it the industry-leading choice for corrosive waste neutralization systems. As well as its wide range of chemical qualities, it also provides a number of user-friendly, time-saving and safety-conscious benefits.

Safe, reliable and environmentally conscious

Thermally robust

Heat is the most important factor that can potentially affect the performance of an acid waste system, but with KIMAX® it’s not an issue, with its outstanding thermal shock resistance eliminating any concerns about high temperatures caused by exothermic reactions in the drainline system.

Easy to construct and cost effective

KIMAX® offers the lowest life-cycle costs on the market in terms of installation and maintenance, and leakproof mechanical joint couplings mean the parts can easily be reconfigured for different requirements. Bead-to-plain-end (B/P) couplings also mean no field beading will ever be required.

Outstanding corrosive resistance

KIMAX® corrosive-resistant drain and vent systems meet UL Standard for Safety UL 1479 and its equivalent ASTM E-814, and are unaffected by almost all corrosive and reagents.

Low in VOCs

A low level of Volatile Organic Compounds means KIMAX® cuts out the off-gassing of toxic fumes, making for a safer environment for all.

Key Features

The KIMAX® Acid Waste Drainline System is the most sustainable and economical acid waste system on the market. Its features include:

  • Type 1, class A borosilicate glass piping, which meets ASTM 1053-90.
  • Extremely high chemical resistance, even with changing temperature and chemical intermixing.
  • Will not burn or emit toxic fumes, with UL-Environment claims certification. 
  • Low thermal expansion, with no expansion joints or loops required. 
  • UL and UL-C classified as through-penetration firestop system (UL 1479 / ASTM 814).
  • Meets ASTM E-84 and UL 723 standards, and is suitable for installation in air-handling spaces.
  • IAPMO-listed, UPC-certified Acid Waste System, file # 0500. 

Chemical Durability

As an example, under continuous exposure of 1% hydrofluoric acid at 70°F it will take approximately 30-35 years to destroy one half of the wall thickness of KIMAX® pipe. Ten percent HF at 70°F will require approximately five years of continuous exposure to destroy one-half the wall thickness.

When KIMAX® Glass is exposed to NaOH or KOH in concentrations up to 50% at room temperature, the pipe should last from 90 to 100 years. All other chemicals exhibit little or no effect on KIMAX® Piping Systems.

KIMAX® Drainline BIM Simulation

KIMAX® offers a comprehensive portfolio of components to build an acid waste drainline system in any setting for any industry. Using Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass, KIMAX® pipes are highly chemically and thermally resistant, as well as simple to cut, with a wide range of available diameters and mechanical joints that are easy to use – and reuse.

To help plan your KIMAX® drainline system, we offer a BIM service that enables you to create an online simulation of your new system, allowing you to find the most cost-effective solution.

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