Offering easy assembly, repair and adaptability, the KIMAX® system can connect to almost every type of pipe on the market today. Our acid waste and vent drain systems are trusted across a range of industries, with the ability for use in a wide range of sustainable projects. 
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Universities, colleges and secondary schools across North America and Canada trust KIMAX® to protect their staff and students, ensuring the scientists of tomorrow receive the safety they need today. Highly respected institutions such as the University of Florida and UCLA rely on KIMAX®, while the University of Toronto has been using the renowned glass drainline system since 1960.

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Medical centers

Whether it’s installed in a general hospital or a specialist treatment center, KIMAX® keeps medical professionals and patients safe and secure, protecting our communities and the people within them. The strength and versatility of the KIMAX® components combined with the system’s cost-effectiveness make it the ideal choice for medical centers that need to keep one eye on expenses and the other on reliability.

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Commercial installations

When you are working on the cutting edge of science, you need to know that your building is protected and your laboratory is a safe environment. Wherever hazardous chemicals need to be neutralized and discharged, KIMAX® delivers that protection, along with a long lifetime. We also understand that commercial organizations require flexibility in their systems, so KIMAX® offers easy reconfiguration, adapting and growing alongside your business.

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