Unmatched robustness makes Solidur® LEDs ideal for environments that LEDs could not previously withstand. They can simplify existing designs or enable new ones, including integration at the tip of an instrument. Solidur® LEDs even enable integration into equipment that previously offered no lighting options.

Three doctors working in a hospital operating theater
SCHOTT Solidur® LED integrated at the tip of a medical endoscope
Four Solidur® LEDs integrated into a medical wound retractor

Medical Devices

Autoclavable Solidur® LEDs eliminate the need for an external light source in medical devices. Integration at the tip of instruments enables design simplification and enhanced user friendliness. Applications include endoscopes, laparoscopes, laryngoscopes, otoscopes, and robotic surgery systems. Solidur® LEDs can even be added to instruments with no previous integrated lighting, such as wound retractors and other surgical equipment.

Female patient being examined by a dentist
Female patient having a tooth examined by a dentist
Illustration of a female patient having her teeth examined by a dentist

Dental Devices

Autoclavable LEDs can be directly integrated into dental devices such as turbines, curing devices, intraoral cameras, scalers and even hand mirrors. This delivers light directly to treatment sites, eliminating shadows typically present with overhead lights and delivering clear and convenient illumination to previously unreachable areas.

Blue UV lamps in phototherapy and sunbathing equipment
Ultrasonic massager used on the face of a woman in a beauty salon
Large reservoir in a water treatment plant

UVB/UVC Technology

Efficiency, longevity, and optimal costs per Watt are key for successful operation of LEDs in UVB/C applications. New and innovative packaging concepts using Solidur® UV LEDs offer long-term durability and efficiency required for these applications. Examples include water and air purification and sterilization, phototherapy for skin conditions, UV curing in dentistry, analysis systems, and surface sterilization.

Robot arm welding metal in an industrial setting

Industrial Applications

In industrial applications, component replacement necessitates costly downtime and can even present safety risks. The use of ultra-robust Solidur® LEDs can save money and pain points when integrated into industrial equipment operating in harsh environmental conditions. Uses include optical gas, fluid and position sensors, and industrial automation systems.

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