SEFUSE® thermal links are used in a broad range of applications to help protect electronics from catching fire by sensing overheating and immediately cutting off the electrical circuit. Typical application areas include home appliances, automobiles, and workplace electronics, among others.
Man and woman talking in a home kitchen

Home Appliances

Almost all electrical home appliances, from small to large, utilize thermal links as a safety device. SEFUSE® thermal links help keep households safe by protecting against dangerous overheating circumstances that could potentially cause a fire.

Red sports car driving down a long road


Air conditioning, seat heating and cooling systems play an integral role in passenger comfort for modern automobiles. Thermal links are used in these systems to help support their safe operation.

Female operating an office photocopier

Workplace Electronics

Thermal links are used in common office equipment such as copiers and laser printers to prevent damage and danger from overheating in workplace and industrial settings.

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