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SCHOTT SmartSeal®

Bridging fashion and technology, SCHOTT’s range of casing components for wearable devices features case-back covers with hermetically sealed optical glass windows, integrated charging contacts, or button contacts that enable new functionalities, enhanced performance, and a more stylish design.
Four blue and red smartwatches dropped in water

Waterproof and sweat resistant

SCHOTT wearable housing components are made of non-aging inorganic materials (metal, ceramic and specialty glass) that make the components extremely tough. This enables long-term protection for sensitive electronic components against water immersion and sweat corrosion.

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Functional and aesthetic design

The opto-mechanical design and unique materials enable more accurate measurements ( e.g. HRM), fast charging, and a number of state-of-the-art technical features. The thin profile of SCHOTT’s housing components also allows space for additional functions and a stylish design.

Exploded view of rose SCHOTT® SmartCover caseback

Product variants

The ultra-waterproof SCHOTT casing components include watch case-backs with hermetically sealed optical windows and integrated charging as well as wearable device buttons. We provide fully customized solutions to meet your specific product requirements.

Smartwatch charging contact with metal pins
Gold-colored metal button with connectors for smartwatch

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