Three SCHOTT® Cavity Caps with blue edge

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap is a new space-saving packaging of optoelectronic devices. It combines many years of experience in providing flat cover glass for optical sensors, light emitters and MEMS devices, now reliably glue-free bonded to high-precision and versatile FLEXINITY® structured spacer glass.
Three SCHOTT® Cavity Caps of different sizes next to a ruler

Integrated cover glass solution

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap delivers a range of value-added benefits for photonic components, from high light transmission and mechanical strength to precise geometrical accuracy and customizable shapes and sizes. The use of FLEXINITY® glass spacers also provides high precision and versatility, alongside a 3D window that provides space for the electronics underneath.

Series of SCHOTT® Cavity Caps around a photonic chip

The all-round solution

With its top and sides made of glass, SCHOTT® Cavity Cap offers the possibility of all-round light transmittance. In addition, the pre-assembled solution ensures repeatable packaging quality and small size package designs, contributing to performance, reliability, and low total cost of ownership.

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