Control room of a medical scan facility behind radiation shielding glass

Radiation Shielding Glasses

Offering exceptional levels of safety, SCHOTT Radiation Shielding Glasses ensure those working in potentially hazardous environments, from nuclear facilities to hospital x-ray rooms, receive the fullest possible protection.

Female patient being scanned by a hospital x-ray machine

Reassuring protection

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to working with radiation, so SCHOTT Radiation Shielding Glasses have been carefully designed to effectively protect people from ionizing radiation such as gamma and x-rays. The glass design can be customized to suit a variety of equipment in nuclear and medical facilities.

Interior of a nuclear facility with window made of radiation shielding glass

Advanced processing for outstanding quality

By using the same high quality equipment and advanced processes that produce SCHOTT's renowned range of optical glass, our radiation shielding glass offers outstanding quality, reliable effectiveness, and superior internal transmission, even after extended exposure to high radiation doses.

Stack of radiation shielding glass squares

Product variants

SCHOTT’s collection of radiation shielding glass provides wide-ranging protection across a number of critical industries. RD 30® and RD 50® are particularly effective in the medical world and are used in x-ray and mammography facilities, operating rooms and dental practices, while the five RS series glasses are successfully deployed in the nuclear industry.

More about variants

We are certified

RD 50® meets the requirements of the German Institute for Standardization, European Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission.

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