Quartz Housings For Frequency Control

Quartz Housings for Frequency Control

The reliability and enduring quality of SCHOTT’s extensive range of quartz housings results in effective protection from a wide variety of external threats such as corrosion and moisture thanks to the remarkable technical properties of our materials and processes.

High standards, premium materials, precise engineering

The perfect seal

Glass-to-metal technology keeps the housings vacuum-tight to defend quartz crystals against damaging environmental influences such as vibrations, moisture, corrosion, impact stress, as well as heat and temperature changes.

Flexible finishes

Comprising a cap and base with two lead pins, the housing comes in a variety of finishes – soldering plating, high melting point solder plating, and lead-free solder plating.

Premium standard

SCHOTT quartz housings are all manufactured in a high-tech plant that has achieved the exacting ISO 9001/14001 certification standard.

Long product life

The tight bonding between the housing’s glass and Kovar alloy build materials makes SCHOTT quartz housings highly robust and long-lasting.


Material and Finish
EYELET Alloy 42
LEAD Kovar®
GLASS Borosilicate glass
FINISH Soldering Plating
High M.P. Solder plating
Lead Free Solder plating


SCHOTT quartz housings also have the following benefits:

  • Hermetic, thin-metal packages are suitable for mountable surface designs.
  • Extremely precise assembly techniques enable GTMS to be created with diameters between φ 1.2 and φ 3.0 mm (after cap installation).
  • Smallest diameter φ 0.96mm.

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