Samples of SCHOTT D 263® clear glass on a dark background

D 263®

The SCHOTT D 263® family of borosilicate glass is relied upon in a wide range of applications demanding high-precision of components. Applications include microscopy, imaging, sensing, sensors, semiconductors and MEMS. This portfolio of flawless and robust glasses offers a broad range of thicknesses, excellently optical transmission and high chemical resistance.
Close up of a glass slide in a microscope with green light

All-round performance and versatility

D 263® has proved itself after years of strong performance. SCHOTT’s down-draw manufacturing method results in premium fire-polished surfaces and low roughness, along with high optical quality, thermal stability and chemical resistance. It makes this glass an industry standard for technical applications and a true all-rounder for science, electronics and technology.

SCHOTT engineer inspecting a sheet of D 263® glass

Broad thickness range, tight tolerances

SCHOTT's unique manufacturing methods enable the production of a wide range of D 263® thicknesses between 0.03 mm and 1.1 mm. Acting as a solution provider and cooperation partner, SCHOTT can also create tailored solutions to fit your application, with tight geometric tolerances resulting in stable processes and optimum performance.

Samples of SCHOTT D 263® M glass on a blue background

Product variants

Variants of D 263® focus on specific requirements in particular applications. D 263® bio is suited to medical diagnostics, while D 263® M provides accurate microscopy cover slips. D 263® T eco is used in imaging, sensing and semiconductors, as well as RF / HF applications, and D 263® LA eco is effective in image sensor systems.

More about variants
Hand holding an ultra-thin glass wafer with lab-on-a-chip system
Two samples of SCHOTT D 263® T eco glass on a blue background
Two samples of SCHOTT D 263® LA eco glass on a blue background

We are certified

We are both ISO 9001 and 14001-certified, and the production of D 263® is monitored at all stages. It also complies with EU-RoHS and EU-REACH.

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