Circular and rectangular samples of SCHOTT AF 32® eco alkali-free glass on a blue background

AF 32® eco

With a unique range of properties, as well as semiconductor process compatibility, AF 32® eco offers a flexible option for designers. This alkali-free glass is produced using SCHOTT’s unique down-draw process, which results in a broad thickness range, excellent transmittance and a superior surface quality.
Silicon semiconductor wafer under blue light

Smooth, stable and sturdy

SCHOTT AF 32® eco has a low coefficient of thermal expansion similar to a silicon wafer, making it ideally suited to wafer-level packaging in the semiconductor industry. With high thermal stability, high optical quality, excellent dielectric properties, and very low roughnesses, it fits a broad range of applications.

Sheet of SCHOTT AF 32® eco glass bent into an S-shape

A wide range of tightly controlled thicknesses

SCHOTT’s unique down-draw technology enables us to manufacture products between 0.03 mm and 0.5 mm in thickness. AF 32® eco is suited to large formats such as 12” wafers. Across all these options, tight geometric tolerances mean reliable performance, whatever your field of application.

We are certified

We are both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. The production of AF 32® eco is constantly monitored at all stages and it also complies with EU-RoHS and EU-REACH standards.

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