Connectors and Feedthroughs for Security and Defense

Connectors and Feedthroughs for Security and Defense

SCHOTT connectors and feedthroughs provide exceptional performance in reliability-critical, harsh-environment security and defense applications. Common examples include sensor protection, ordnance for aircraft safety, and ordnance supporting security programs.
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SCHOTT manufactures connectors and feedthroughs for military-grade sensors, transducers, and gas detectors, as well as modified defense-spec connectors. Our sensor packaging components are customizable to fulfill a range of requirements, including and especially for harsh environment uses.

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Gyro sensors are designed to determine the precise alignment and position of aerial vehicles such as airplanes, drones, or satellites. Hermetic microelectronic packages for gyroscope sensors play a crucial role for the performance and reliability of these sensors. The precise and safe orientation of flying objects must be ensured even in the most challenging environments.

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Ordnance for aircraft safety

Safety and reliability are paramount for all aircraft systems, particularly safety systems which operate with no room for error. SCHOTT supplies ordnance components for aircraft safety systems, including flares, ejector seats, parachute systems, and fire suppression systems. Hermetically sealed ordnance component constructions enable exceptional reliability and safety in these critically important uses.

Military Radar equipment positioned on top of a hill

Ordnance supporting security programs

SCHOTT manufactures ordnance components suitable for supporting various defense and security programs. Our reputation for quality and reliability positions us as an ideal partner in this sector.

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