SCHOTT structured decorative glass brings brilliant design as well as practical function to both residential and commercial settings in the form of furniture and furnishings, art installations, and screening for business meeting rooms.
RIVULETTA Strukturglas von SCHOTT | RIVULETTA textured glass from SCHOT

Perfect patterns

ARTISTA® and RIVULETTA® structured glass present very different decorative motifs but both deliver on-point design. The crystal clarity and understated structure of ARTISTA® brings sparkle and discreet glamour to interiors, while the fluted surface of RIVULETTA® suggests the flow and energy of running water as light strikes the flutes in a rippling pattern.

SCHOTT RIVULETTA® structured flute glass

Art of glass

ARTISTA® works beautifully for producing glittering artwork and executing stylish designs, and is perfect for art installations, stained glass creations, glass fusing and stunning centerpieces for interiors, such as chandeliers and contemporary furniture.

SCHOTT RIVULETTA® structured flute glass

Domestic design

Even in smaller homes, creating a sense of space is simple with ARTISTA®. The glass’s extraordinary clarity allows domestic interiors to be filled with light, making every room appear larger. The fluted pattern of RIVULETTA® also lends an elegant look to fittings such as cabinet fronts and shower doors.

SCHOTT RIVULETTA® structured glass

Corporate configurations

In open-plan offices it’s possible to retain the benefits of space but create discreet meeting areas using RIVULETTA® as partition screening. Its fluted design offers just the right level of privacy for breakout sessions and presentations.

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