The SCHOTT Xensation® family of products comprises a broad range of state-of-the-art glass covers for a fast-moving electronics market. The portfolio offers outstanding aesthetic, optical and haptical properties, as well as unrivalled durability, flexibility and strength.

Tough, flexible and strong, with high transmission

Up.graded breakage resistance

SCHOTT Xensation® Up. is a chemically strengthened lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) cover glass built to withstand the stresses and strains put on smartphones. Drop tests show outstanding results, with a smartphone fitted with Xensation® Up. being 10 times more likely to survive a drop.

Flexibility like never before

SCHOTT’s unrivalled reputation for innovation and expertise is proven by the introduction of Xensation® Flex, an ultra-thin glass designed for foldable glass covers that offers a very low bending radius of less than 2 mm.

Improved chemical toughening

The Xensation® family benefits from a salt bath process that increases ion exchange (IOX). The process displaces small ions, allowing larger ions to move in, which means the space is better filled and the material is more stable.

High transparency

The high-resolution displays of smartphones and other electronic devices demand exceptional cover glasses. With excellent transparency and high transmission, Xensation® is the ideal match for displays, delivering high optical quality for the clearest view.

Xensation® Flex

SCHOTT Xensation® Flex offers the ability to produce high quality foldable devices with an extraordinary bending radius. Other advantages include:

  • Specially developed for chemical toughening.
  • High flexibility and small bending radius.
  • Excellent transparency and transmission.
  • Fire-polished premium surface.


Material testing equipment conducting a three-point bending test on a sample of glass

3 point bending test.

Xensation® Up.

The high-strength SCHOTT Xensation® Up. glass produces outstanding results in set drop tests, ensuring maximum survival likelihood after smartphone drops. Other key properties include:

  • Superior ion exchange capabilities for excellent strength and processing performance.
  • Increased flexibility for maximum strength performance.
  • Wider IOX processing ranges.
  • Options for shorter IOX processing time.
  • Typical CS (compressive stress) and DoL (depth of layer) values are evenly balanced to obtain superior mechanical reliability.


Laboratory machine performing a drop test on a smartphone fitted with Xensation® Up.

SCHOTT Xensation® Up. can withstand a drop of almost double the height of conventional cover glass.


Xensation® 3D

Xensation® 3D fulfills a range of technical requirements for cover glass, including:

  • Extra-high fracture toughness.
  • High resistance against impacts and scratches.
  • High scratch tolerance – low breakage risk even with surface scratches.
  • Chemical strengthening parameters able to be adjusted to achieve desired level of strength for specific applications.
  • High chemical durability.
  • High light transmission.

Laboratory machine performing a bending test on a sample of ultra-thin glass

SCHOTT Xensation® 3D is extremely robust with high light transmission.

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