Close up of a burning log fire

Fireplaces and Heating

SCHOTT’s experience and expertise in glass and glass-ceramics helps us to combine customizability and attractive esthetics in modern fireplaces, boilers and heating systems.
Burning fire in a log burner encased in glass


SCHOTT offers highly effective and esthetically stunning features for fireplaces, with SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic the ideal material for maintaining safety while offering optimum visibility. With near-zero thermal expansion, SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels offer complete protection against flying sparks and smoke, providing exceptional safety for the home. A fireplace with a glass-ceramic panel also reaches much higher temperatures, allowing wood to burn in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.

Stylish infrared heater in a restaurant

Infrared Heaters

Advanced design options for infrared heaters include SCHOTT NEXTREMA®. The glass-ceramic is particularly suited for outdoor heaters due to its heat and temperature shock resistance, as well as its corrosion- and weather-resistant surface. NEXTREMA® also reduces the bright glare that can be an issue with conventional IR heaters. Different transmission profiles enable manufacturers to tailor their device to meet different designs and specifications.

Modern white wall radiator in a bedroom

Heating Systems

SCHOTT is a global leader in processed glass and that expertise naturally lends itself to glass fronts for innovative modern heating systems such as wall radiators, bath towel heaters and free-standing wall heaters. Heating circuits can also be printed directly onto the glass, with specifications of all SCHOTT products able to be customized according to client needs.

Modern white boiler for home heating system


While boilers have traditionally been hidden out of view, designers and consumers now prefer units that combine an esthetically appealing appearance with user-friendly functionality. SCHOTT’s glass range is not just reliable and durable, it’s customizable so that manufacturers can integrate touch control or display elements and add their own color printed design and branding features.