Demands for improved fuel economy and stricter emissions standards, such as EURO 6, are bringing about technical challenges that must be fulfilled by a new generation of automotive sensors. These sensors will become increasingly sophisticated while needing to perform reliably in extreme environments. The solution: SCHOTT HEATAN™.
SCHOTT HEATAN™ sensor feedthroughs withstand the high temperatures of vehicle exhausts

Exhaust Treatment Sensors

In exhaust systems, extreme pressure is placed on sensors, with temperatures of up to 950°C for at least 50,000 cycles. The ability of SCHOTT HEATAN™ sensor feedthroughs to consistently withstand these challenges makes them a highly effective and economical solution for housing components. Examples include PM/PN, NOx, and soot load sensors.

High powered vehicle engine

Engine Management Sensors

Sensors in automobiles are often placed in challenging environments, such as near the engine as part of the engine-management system. These sensors need to offer long-term mechanical stability in ultra-high-temperature conditions. HEATAN™ feedthroughs are the ideal choice for these heat-exposed automotive sensors, such as temperature sensors, gas sensors, chemical property sensors, and pressure sensors.

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