Flexible Light Guides

SCHOTT Flexible Light Guides offer reliable solutions for demanding applications thanks to the outstanding technical properties and characteristics of the raw material, such as our PURAVIS® glass optical fibers. As a company that’s looking to form strong partnerships, we can tailor those qualities for a bespoke solution.

Built for optimum integration

Optical experience

SCHOTT’s long experience in optical materials works alongside our in-depth knowledge of illumination and fiber optic technology to create Flexible Light Guides that precisely fit the application to provide the most powerful and effective solution.

Strength meets flexibility

Glass optical fiber bundles are lightweight yet offer strong protection against pressure or other mechanical challenges. The bundles also facilitate extremely small bending radii compared to fused silica solutions, as well as high flexural capabilities.

Optimum integration

SCHOTT's expertise in vacuum tightness and hot fused and AR-coated ends offers the best optical contact for your application. We aim to deliver the best possible connectivity for all light guides and can tailor a solution to your exact requirements.

Chemical stability

Thanks to their glass composition, PURAVIS® optical fibers offer improved chemical stability, which is vital for harsh environments such as autoclaving systems in industry.


  • SCHOTT multi-component Glass Optical Fibers come in a range of apertures: 0.54, 0.65 and 0.84.
  • Fused Silica for the NIR or UV range are available upon request. There are also polarisation maintaining options available.
  • Tight telecentricity and angle alignment. 
  • AR coatings for best optics contact. 



  • Diameter range from 0.5-10 mm
  • Lengths up to 10 m available
  • Single, dual or multibranch options
  • Spot to line assemblies
  • Bending radii depending on fiber and bundle diameter
  • Vacuum feedthroughs as an option
  • Cross section transformers and splitters


Ferrule Materials / Housings

  • German Silver and Brass
  • Stainless Steel (Medical Grade)
  • Aluminum (in particular for milled housings)
  • Anodizing options upon request
  • Polymer housings milled or injection molded
  • Standard industrial connectors: SMA, ST, FC
  • Standard medical connectors: Storz, Olympus, ACMI



  • Metal-PVC
  • Stainless steel interlock
  • Stainless steel interlock, covered with silicone
  • Thin wall silicone or FEP
  • Extrusion options with PVC, TPU, FEP


Termination of End Surfaces

  • Standard expoxy with temperature stability up to 120°C.
  • High temperature Epoxy with 200°C.
  • Hot-fused with temperature stability up to 350°C.


We are striving for highest quality standards. On request, we provide a variety of application specific testings that can be conducted either with SCHOTT’s own test equipment or with certified external partners. Those testings include:

  • Biocompatability according to DIN 10553-5.
  • Lifetime testing in medical reprocessing tests, including cleaning and disinfection in RDG devices, autoclaving, sterrad testing and others.
  • Flammability-test IEC 60332-1-2 possible.
  • Storage and accelerated life time tests.
  • Energy chain tests for longevity in moving arm applications.
  • Cleanness and vacuum tightness of entire parts or dedicated areas.

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