Sample of aluminosilicate glass undergoing an impact test in a laboratory

Aluminosilicate Glass

Engineers and scientists have taken a large step closer to unbreakable glass with aluminosilicate (AS) glass. The glass offers a high alkali content of over 10 %, which results in excellent chemical strengthening. The ion exchange with larger alkali ions yields surface compression stress and high strength.
Foldable smartphone device with high flexibility cover glass

Ultra-thin and flexible

Proprietary down-draw technology enables AS glass to be processed in incredibly low thicknesses down to less than 100 micrometers. Combined with a chemical toughening process, this makes AS glass highly attractive for the design of foldable electronic devices and technical components.

SCHOTT Xensation® 3D glass

Superior break resistance

For rigid cover applications with thicknesses of 0.4 - 1 mm, AS glasses such as lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) are manufactured using microfloat technology. These glasses offer a pristine smooth surface, as well as high breaking resistance and an exceptional set drop performance, which is beneficial in applications such as mobile electronics.

Material variants

Alkaline-free glass variants 

Alkaline-free aluminoborosilicate glass offers a fire-polished surface with a roughness value below 1 nm. The coefficient of thermal expansion of this glass can match silicon or other semiconductors, making it ideal for electronic applications. With a high transformation temperature, it’s even possible to use it for high-temperature applications up to 600 °C.  

Wafers from SCHOTT are used in biotechnology and wafer-level packaging, as well as the manufacture of micro-optics and MEMS

Alkaline earth AS glass variants

Alkaline earth aluminosilicate glass is also free of alkali oxides, but mixed with about 15 % of alkaline earths. It features very high transformation temperature and softening points, and is the first choice for halogen lamp glass bulbs, high-temperature thermometers, combustion tubes, and more.    

Halogen Lamp

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