SCHOTT’s ViewPort® bioreactor interface and ViewCell™ flow cell with spectrometers.

ViewPort® and ViewCell™
optical sensor and spectrometer interfaces

The process analytical technology (PAT) components of SCHOTT enable sterile, safe and flexible use of optical sensors and spectrometers throughout bioprocessing. With hermetic optical windows, these revolutionary sensor interfaces allow continuous in-situ monitoring that boosts safety, efficiency, and yield.
Close-up of a scientist examining a bioreactor while using a Raman spectrometer with a SCHOTT ViewPort® interface

Increased safety for production processes

The ViewPort® bioreactor interface and ViewCell™ flow cell allow accurate non-contact optical measurements and process optimization for upstream and downstream bioprocessing. By enabling stable, safe, and sterile measurements in-situ - directly in the production line - SCHOTT’s optical interfaces contribute to remove the need to draw physical samples for analysis.

A woman in a cleanroom examines the ViewCell™ flow cell.

Unlocking unmatched flexibility

By providing a sterile-safe interface for contactless integration of sensors, the ViewPort® bioreactor interface and ViewCell™ flow cell boost efficiency. With SCHOTT’s novel process analytical technology components, optical sensors and spectrometers can be changed without disrupting the production process, helping advance continuous processing and automated approaches.

SCHOTT ViewPort™ for stainless steel multi-use bioreactors

Product variants

Boosting efficiency across biopharma production, ViewPort® interfaces mount to multi-use glass or stainless-steel bioreactors and are scalable from lab- to production-scale processing. Versions for single-use are available. ViewCell™ flow cells are used for downstream product control.

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SCHOTT ViewPort for Bioprocessing Lab Scale
SCHOTT ViewPort Single Use - 800x800px
SCHOTT ViewCell™ with sterile-safe optical window
How ViewPort® sensor ports enable advanced process control

We are certified

All SCHOTT production facilities are certified according to
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Tailored system of bioreactor, spectrometer system, and probe receptacle, which meets typical instrumental and regulatory requirements
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Raman spectroscopy with fully compatible PAT systems

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Raman spectroscopy paves the way to continuous process monitoring

Kristina Gruber discusses the key benefits of Raman spectroscopy, especially when combined with newly-developed PAT components from SCHOTT.

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The SCHOTT ViewCell™ sits on a table while a lady in the background looks into a microscope.

ViewCell™ flow cell adds flexibility to biopharmaceutical process control

The ViewCell™ enables safe, continuous process control directly in the biopharmaceutical production line for downstream processes.

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Spectroscopy integration consulting

As a partner of SCHOTT, Competence Center CHASE GmbH offers consulting services on integrating spectroscopy applications into customer processes. This includes model creation and data evaluation.

Spectroscopy integration consulting
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