Modern stylish kitchen with a range of appliances

Home and Electrical Appliances

SCHOTT plays an important role in the field of home electrical appliances. Our experience and expertise in producing heat-resistant, highly reliable and esthetically attractive glass components means that our products are a valuable addition to any home.
Glass door panels, touch-sensitive displays and electronic packaging for ovens by SCHOTT


The glass on the front and the interior illumination of your oven is a key area where SCHOTT brings design and functionality together. As well as providing an attractive view on the cooking process, the outstanding thermal resistance of our glass enables technology such as pyrolysis. SCHOTT products also play a key role in temperature control and the protection of electrical components, while also offering a wide range of options for control panels.

Washing Machines

SCHOTT glass components are highly valued in washing machine design. Our ability to customize and print chemical-resistant glass lids and decorative glass panels according to your requirements, with the option to incorporate handles and hinges, make SCHOTT a clear front runner.

Small Appliances

SCHOTT’s heat-resistant glass and glass-ceramics give small electrical appliances such as irons and toasters a sleek and stylish look. Glass also works well in control panels on automatic coffee machines, combining transparency and strong compatibility with touch controls. Working from within, SCHOTT SEFUSE® temperature fuses are important safety devices in electrical appliances, required to protect devices such as hair dryers or irons against potential overheating.

SCHOTT glass materials are ideal for the front panels and plates for microwave ovens


SCHOTT offers a range of innovative glass and glass-ceramic products especially designed for microwave ovens, such as SCHOTT NEXTREMA®, which is increasingly used for microwaves in high-end modern kitchens. Our range of flat glass is also ideal for the front panels of microwaves, while the thermal resistance, mechanical strength and chemical durability of SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® means it's used as glass plates or 'tablets' for industrial microwaves.

Refrigerators can be transformed with SCHOTT glass shelves and other products


SCHOTT glass can turn a standard piece of kitchen furniture into a statement piece. Our glass shelves and decorative front panels can be tailored to your exact requirement, with options including customized printing and branding, and the integration of LED lighting, control elements or cut-outs for water dispensers and handles.

SCHOTT provide compressor seals and thermal cutoffs for air conditioning systems

Air Conditioning

SCHOTT’s range of high resistance glass-to-metal compressor seals can withstand both high pressure and high electrical loads, making them ideally suited to air conditioning and refrigeration units. Meanwhile, SCHOTT SEFUSE® is a widely trusted brand of thermal cutoff components that protect against overheating and potential fire risks.

SCHOTT tough and durable glass is ideal for for sinks and dishwashers

Dishwashers and Sinks

As well as being eye-catching and stylish, dishwashers with glass front panels are both reliable and easy to clean. Their high impact and breakage resistance, plus the potential for almost unlimited design options, means these appliances can transform a kitchen. Glass used in sink design is equally attractive, as well as highly impact-resistant.