Smartwatch with an orange strap on top of a silver laptop compute

Mobile Devices and Wearables

Consumer electronics have never been more portable, pocket-sized or multi-functional. As a result, glass components need to be smaller, thinner and lighter than ever before, while also being more reliable and robust. SCHOTT meets this challenge in various different applications.

Folded smartphone display

Cover Glass for Display Solutions

Consumers are demanding lighter, more compact devices that are hard-wearing and reliable, while providing stunning esthetic appeal and consistent touch sensitivity. SCHOTT's range of outstanding thin and ultra-thin glass products deliver an impressive combination of strength, flexibility, and scratch resistance for the ultimate in display protection.

Close up of a smartphone camera aperture


While advances in digital camera performance continue, the performance of a device only remains as good as its components. SCHOTT offers outstanding optical glass materials that act as substrates for polymer lenses, cover glasses for image sensors, as well as high quality NIR cutoff filters and filter glasses for color correction. Our willingness to work with customers to develop the right kind of lenses for their products ensures all components bring out the best in each other, working in perfect harmony.

Smartphone screen showing battery life of 99%

Battery Protection

Safety and battery longevity are top priorities for mobile electronic devices. SCHOTT SEFUSE® Battery Fuses safeguard Li-ion batteries from potentially damaging and dangerous overcurrent and overcharging, while specialty glass powders with a hydrofluoric acid gettering function help to improve battery longevity and safety.

Black semiconductor microchip on a blue circuit board

Electronic Protection and Packaging

As mobile devices and wearables become smarter and more powerful, their tiny electronics and semiconductors are becoming more sensitive. The delicate components need protective packaging to achieve high levels of reliability and efficiency, and innovative technologies from SCHOTT enable ultra-reliable packaging for even the smallest and most fragile of microchips.

Electronic microchips and semiconductors inside a smartphone

IC Packaging

State-of-the-art glass micro bonding technology offered by SCHOTT Primoceler™enables the hermetic bonding of glass wafers to produce ultra-reliable chip-size 'all-glass' IC packages. The laser-based process is completely additive-free and done at room temperature, which enables the encapsulation of highly heat-sensitive electronics. It further enables fully wireless devices, as well as the integration of gas-tight through-glass via substrates for signal transmission.

Sensor on the inside of a wearable device


SCHOTT’s expertise with glass allows us to offer a wide range of filters for mobile electronic devices and wearables. Optical filters are widely used in touchscreen technology, such as fingerprint sensors on smartphones or for digital blood analysis on wearables. Interference IR cut filters are also found in the camera systems of mobiles and wearables as they absorb infrared light that would lower the image quality.

Female having her face scanned by a smartphone

Image Sensors and 3D Imaging

Image sensors and 3D imaging are two of the most advanced areas in mobile technology. SCHOTT offers functional glass that enables complex camera imaging systems for mobile devices, such as 3D imaging sensing in facial recognition and complementary metal-oxide sensors (CMOS) for modern cameras.