Prefillable Glass Syringes

The changing dynamics of the global pharma industry are creating an increased demand for drug delivery systems that are patient-friendly and cost-effective. Prefillable glass syringes (PFS) from SCHOTT provide benefits such as patient compliance, minimal contamination, and the promotion of safe injections.
A woman injecting herself with medication using a syringe


The SCHOTT syringe plays an important role in preventative procedures, dispensing anticoagulants such as heparin to lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

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A clear glass syringes with complex molecule in background


Sensitive biotech drugs present a real challenge to syringes as they are particularly prone to interaction with syringe glass, which can affect their stability. The syriQ BioPure® family is designed to handle the administering of these complex drugs with safety and superior functionality.

Doctor injecting a patient with medication through a syringe


The consistent reliability of SCHOTT prefillable syringes within extremely large batches makes them the syringe of choice for handling the mass delivery of drugs such as vaccines.

Woman in white t-shirt using a syringe to draw medication from a cartridge

Special applications

Thanks to its expertise and technology, SCHOTT is able to co-create tailor-made syriQ® solutions for very specific applications.

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mRNA applications

The demanding low temperature storage and transport conditions of mRNA applications come with specific challenges for their drug containment solutions. A choice of our vials as well as our prefillable syringes made of glass and polymer can help to package an mRNA drug safely.

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