AS 87 eco

As the world’s first high-strength ultra-thin glass with no need for slimming, SCHOTT AS 87 eco is ideal for the protection of sensors and screens. Available in mass volume, this unique glass also offers high impact and scratch resistance, as well as high light transmission for pin-sharp detail.
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Very high strength

In the smartphone and touch panel market, glass strength is key, and SCHOTT AS 87 eco has been developed to provide the highest possible flexibility and durability. Whether used to protect fragile sensors or screen, the high bending strength of AS 87 eco enables thinner and more sensitive devices without compromising on resilience.

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Excellent transmission properties

Cover glass and sensor protection requires extremely high levels of light transmission, whether it’s presenting a high resolution image in sharp detail or enabling a delicate sensor to recognize a fingerprint. The ultra-thin AS 87 eco glass offers a transmission level of 92 %, making it ideal for the latest smartphone technology.

Discover what happens when SCHOTT AS 87 eco glass undergoes a three-point bending test.

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