Selection of clear glass burettes, measuring cylinders, and volumetric flasks

Glass Tubing for Laboratory Glassware

DURAN® glass tubing is trusted by industrial and academic scientists around the world to provide precise physical properties for laboratory glassware. Its high resistance to heat, chemicals and thermal shock, as well as excellent transmission, has made it a global leader and industry standard in laboratory glassware.

How DURAN® glass tubing drives science forward

The invention of borosilicate glass 3.3 by Otto Schott in 1897 proved to be a turning point for laboratory glassware, increasing the potential of scientists all over the world to push the boundaries of research and make new discoveries.

Now known as DURAN® glass tubing, this unique product is processed by glass labware manufacturers all over the world, who demand the highest quality for their customers. This glass not only has to deliver consistently excellent physical properties, but also have the ability to be cleaned and sterilized repeatedly without losing any of its strength, resistance, transmission, or accuracy.

Scientist examining a test tube in a laboratory
The right choice for laboratory glassware

An impressive combination of outstanding transmission, temperature and temperature shock resistance, and chemical resistance has made DURAN® borosilicate glass tubing the number one choice for industrial, scientific, and educational laboratories around the world. It is ideal for the manufacture of laboratory glassware such as test tubes, burettes, measuring cylinders, volumetric flasks and flow-measuring devices such as cooling and distillation plants.

Strong and durable with tight geometrical tolerances, DURAN® glass tubing also offers a wide choice of dimensions, with outside diameters ranging from 3 mm all the way up to 465 mm.

Two clear glass volumetric flasks