Optical Glass

When demanding applications require the highest quality optical glass, SCHOTT has the experience and technological expertise to deliver. We work with industries as wide-ranging as aerospace, medicine, industrial metrology and consumer cameras to provide the best possible optical components. 
Satellite in space in orbit around the Earth

Astronomy, satellites and laser vision

Optical glass used in high-power laser, satellite and astronomical applications must offer exceptionally high homogeneity and extremely narrow variation in refractive index throughout. SCHOTT’s high homogeneity glasses meet this challenge head on.

Close up of the glass lens of a digital projector

Projectors and high-end optical systems

SCHOTT’s HT and HTUltra ranges of specialty glass offer very high levels of transmittance – a quality that makes them particularly suitable for digital projectors and high-end optical systems. With ultra HD imagery in ever-increasing demand and large-scale projection systems becoming more popular, these products deliver the high-quality performance required.

Close up of four microscope lenses on a blue background

Life science

Life Science applications demand special materials for high-end optical designs. SCHOTT offers a comprehensive portfolio of optical glasses to enable high-end Life Science applications, such as extremely low dispersion, low fluorescence or glasses with large anomalous dispersion.

Close up of the aperture of a digital smartphone camera
Illustration of the components of a digital smartphone camera

Cameras, phones and microscopes

Small, powerful and custom-shaped lenses are in ever-growing demand in areas ranging from smartphones to digital cameras. SCHOTT’s precision molded glasses are well-suited to the design of complex and aspherical lenses.

Small, green microchip being inspected by machine vision equipment

Machine vision and metrology

Machine vision systems require optical glass products that offer high image resolution and excellent contrast, as well as a high refractive index and tight tolerance. SCHOTT provides the tightest tolerances available on the market.

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