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As the centre of the home, the fireplace provides a focal point for tranquility and relaxation. To maintain a clear view of the flames and maximize the enjoyment of the fire-viewing panel, regular cleaning is necessary. But frequent cleaning can also be very annoying and time-comsuming. The ROBAX® Dry Wiper makes cleaning a fireplace quick and easy, leaving no smears or scratches.

How to efficiently clean fire-viewing panels

Specially for cleaning non-coated fire-viewing panels, the ROBAX® Dry Wiper doesn’t require a cleaning agent or water. You simply wipe it across the sooty surface of the glass-ceramic panel once the fireplace is cold. Then tap out the Dry Wiper to remove soot and place it back in the package. Washing is neither necessary nor recommended.

As one of the leading specialists in glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels, SCHOTT understands the need for a quick and simple solution to sooty panels, allowing you to relax and enjoy the warmth of a real fire all over again.

Three ROBAX® Dry Wipers in their packaging

The Dry Wiper was developed by SCHOTT for cleaning fire-viewing panels

Man cleaning a sooty fire-viewing panel

Usage of the ROBAX® Dry Wiper offers a clear fire-viewing panel for a real fire experience

ROBAX®Dry Wiper cleaning soot off a fire-viewing glass panel

It is unnecessary to use water or a cleaning agent with the ROBAX® Dry Wiper

A box of SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wipers

How to order

ROBAX® Dry Wipers are available to order directly from SCHOTT or from your local distributor. If directly ordering from SCHOTT, the minimum order quantity is one pallet, which includes 1,008 Dry Wipers in boxes of 14. Lower quantities are available from your local distributor below.

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Thanks to its special shape, the ROBAX® Dry Wiper is easier to grip, making it simpler to clean the fire-viewing panel. The special mixture of stainless-steel mesh makes the cleaning of the fire-viewing panel effective but gentle to the surface at the same time.

Use the grey side to clean the panel.

Only use the ROBAX® Dry Wiper dry. Washing is neither necessary nor recommended. After using the Dry Wiper, simply tap it to remove the soot. 

The ROBAX® Dry Wiper does wear over time. Depending on the intensity of use it should last at least one heating season. As soon as the grey side starts to become frayed, please use a new ROBAX® Dry Wiper.

It is important to clean the panel regularly, even if it is only slightly polluted. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the panel before lighting the fireplace, but at least twice a week if the fireplace is used every day. Fire-viewing panels should only be cleaned after they have cooled down. We recommend the ROBAX® Dry Wiper (for uncoated ROBAX® panels).

For the coated surface of panels with a coating (e.g. ROBAX® TrueView, ROBAX® Mirror, ROBAX® IR Max, ROBAX® IR SuperMax) we recommend standard window glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Please do not use the ROBAX® Dry Wiper on a coated surface of the fire-viewing panel as it can destroy the coating.

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