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As a device developer in med tech solutions, you need a partner with deep expertise in lighting and imaging. Let us be that partner.
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We support your development, from first idea to production

Successful engineering demands more than a competent and experienced partner. It demands the latest information, design inspiration, and the freedom to implement innovative ideas that are both effective and future-proof. Whatever your goal, our global network of experts will make every development phase as efficient as possible, providing advanced knowledge while optimizing every step of the process.

Med tech expertise at your fingertips

SCHOTT has the global resources and knowledge to support your work in med tech devices at very stage of the development journey. With deep engineering expertise, proven ability in complex projects, strength in innovation, and decades of experience in the med tech industry, we provide simple answers to complicated challenges.


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SCHOTT has a wealth of global expertise in complex med tech projects
Series of fiber optic light guides

The fascinating world of fiber optics

Our customized light and image guides meet the highest safety and quality standards while optimizing development and product performance. Find out more about SCHOTT’s fiber optic technology and how it can boost the efficiency and lifetime of your med tech device.

Application areas in healthcare

Whether you are a small startup or a large biomedical business, your products will change people’s lives. SCHOTT’s high-end fiber optic solutions alongside our sophisticated technology and comprehensive support will help you accomplish new goals and achieve sustainable project success.

Two surgeons in an operating theater with robotic equipment

Robotic surgery

Expand your engineering options for surgical devices to give clinicians bright, focused illumination at the point of action. Our light guides and optical fibers deliver intense and precise light for a true-to-life view.

Surgeon operating a medical endoscopy device


Incorporate our highly efficient solutions for next-generation endoscopy devices. Our technology provides high quality illumination during surgery to improve diagnoses and therapies.

Woman at a dental examination


Integrate our advanced light transmission solutions for dental applications. As first choice for curing devices and other dental handpieces, our fiber rods provide accurate illumination of the oral cavity for improved detection of caries, cancer, and other conditions.


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