SCHOTT RealView®

SCHOTT serves augmented and mixed reality innovators worldwide as the leading provider of substrates for the waveguides in smart glasses or head-mounted devices. For all technologies within the industry, SCHOTT has the right products in its portfolio to fulfill the highest quality demands to serve these rapidly growing market.
SCHOTT RealView® 1.9 lightweight

SCHOTT RealView® 1.9 lightweight

SCHOTT RealView® 1.9 lightweight enhances the SCHOTT family of high index wafers with an significantly reduced weight for an all-day wearing comfort.


With a reduced density of 20%, SCHOTT RealView® 1.9 lightweight does not compromise in image quality and keeps the high refractive index, which is needed for the augmented reality industry.



  • High refractive index and low density offered at the same time.
  • Proven suitability for nanoimprint lithography manufacturing.
  • Index-matching resin available.
  • Tailored for high mechanical robustness. 
  • AR industry track record in mass production of wafers consistently fulfilling the highest quality standards.

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