Aircraft in the sky flying into the sunset

Aviation, Astro and Space

SCHOTT has a long history of working with the aviation and aerospace industries to advance design, safety and efficiency. We also played a prominent part in the emergence of space travel technology in the latter part of the 20th century and continue to work on groundbreaking new projects across these areas.
Front view of an aircraft in a blue sky


Alongside complex electronics, sensors, navigation and displays, aircraft require stylish and customizable lighting solutions. SCHOTT’s range of cabin and seat illumination is designed to enhance the travel experience.

Observatory with high powered telescope for astronomy


SCHOTT has a long history of producing mirror substrates for telescopes, and we continue to push the boundaries by manufacturing customized, high-precision glass and glass-ceramic materials such as ZERODUR®.

Satellite in orbit around the Earth


SCHOTT works closely with satellite manufacturers to produce mirror substrates, lenses and electronic packaging, using our reputation for innovation and range of groundbreaking products to create the technology of the future.

Space shuttle flying away from the Earth


SCHOTT’s specialized glass and glass-ceramic materials for aerospace and defense applications have a reputation for reliability and a strong customer focus – a result of being deeply involved in the two industries for over a century.