Two scientists working in a laboratory looking at mirror discs


Micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) continue to grow in importance across a wide variety of industries. Their delicate microscopic components need power, I/O interconnects and reliable protection, so SCHOTT offers a range of highly robust, precise and miniature packaging components and materials.

MEMS Packaging

As MEMS components get smaller and more powerful, the need for equally minute packaging solutions grows. SCHOTT provides a variety of glass materials and hermetic packaging components and technologies, such as high-precision TO PLUS® and glass micro bonding offered by SCHOTT Primoceler. These reliable packaging options retain long-term gas tightness to protect the MEMS from heat damage and mechanical exposure.

MEMS mirrors use SCHOTT ultra-thin glasses, as well as TO headers and electronic packaging

MEMS Mirrors

Electromagnetically driven mirrors with MEMS technology are widely used in the communications and intelligent safety industries. These mirrors are highly delicate and must be protected from moisture and dust particles, yet require a high performance optical interface. Ultra-thin glasses such as MEMpax®, D263® and BOROFLOAT® are ideal for mirror substrates, while our hermetic transistor outline and microelectronic packages enable MEMS mirrors to perform with optimum capability in challenging environments.

Pressure Sensors

SCHOTT has an unrivalled portfolio of products to protect MEMS sensors from the environment, as well as a range of functional components for the sensors themselves. MEMpax® and BOROFLOAT® are flat, highly homogenous borosilicate glasses that are ideally suited to anodic bonding, while FLEXINITY® is an innovative portfolio of structured wafer and glass substrates. In addition, HermeS® wafers offer rugged and durable chip size packaging for industrial sensors.