As a modular system, the SCHOTT® SingleEZ product family offers a complete lighting solution for disposable endoscopes. All components are plug-and-play, which enables quick and simple installation for high volume production, with no specific fiber optic knowledge required.

Proven glass fiber technology adapted for single-use illumination

Cool down

Effective heat management is critical for approval by the medical regulatory authorities, but powerful LEDs may exceed temperature thresholds. To solve this, SCHOTT® SingleEZ uses fiber optic technology, allowing the separation of the light source from tip to scope.

Maximize efficiency

An effective scope needs to incorporate a number of media, such as LED, camera and working channel, into a small space. SCHOTT® SingleEZ takes full advantage of the available space, reducing the diameter and enabling the production of ultra-thin endoscopes such as ureteroscopes or cystoscopes.

Improved light

Accurate diagnoses can only come from high quality images, and SCHOTT® SingleEZ offers an enlarged spectrum to improve tissue differentiation. In addition, shadows are prevented by matching the illumination cone with the camera viewing angle, while the customizable output geometry reduces hot spots.

Simple and quick installation

The modular SCHOTT® SingleEZ product family makes the integration of glass fibers quick and easy, with no specific fiber optic knowledge required. This overcomes challenges such as complex technologies, fast time-to-market, and total-cost-of-ownership with limited resources. SCHOTT is your reliable partner for the successful implementation of a project, from initial idea to mass production.

Decrease heat

Reducing endoscope heat emission is critical for patient safety. Light sources generate heat, so to protect tissue from damage, scope manufacturers must comply with the defined temperature thresholds of 41 °C or 105.8 °F. Fiber optics separate this light source energy from the patient. With excellent temperature resistance, our glass fibers withstand direct coupling with high energy light sources.

Thermometer showing the equipment temperature threshold for patient safety

Minimize diameter

Available space for scope illumination is rare, so a new approach is to maximize the active light conducting area for a given outer diameter. This optimized ratio is the ideal solution for small scopes, resulting in more light at a smaller footprint.

Cross-section of a SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide showing how glass fibers fit around the camera

Increase image quality

A larger beam angle of up to 120° matches the capturing angle of the camera, providing shadow-free illumination and improved image quality.

Cross-section of a SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide showing the beam angle

Reduce complexity

Developing a disposable endoscope is a complex and challenging task, and achieving fast time-to-market requires a reliable partner. As the world’s leading partner to the endoscope industry with 50 years of expertise in illumination, SCHOTT provides full support for your scope requirements – from first idea and R&D-supported product development to mass production.

Cross-section of a SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide showing the glass fibers and camera

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