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SCHOTT RealView®

The immersive world of augmented reality is brought to life with the range of SCHOTT RealView® glass wafers. Whether in smart glasses or head-mounted devices, the high refractive index waveguides provide excellent field of view (FoV) for a superior visual experience in consumer and professional environments.
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Exceptionally sharp vision

The peerless build quality of SCHOTT RealView® glass ensures that augmented reality devices deliver the maximum viewing experience. Their perfectly machined surface, with low total thickness variation, generates sharp images and perfect contrast. The wafers’ high refractive index improves field of view and they are strong yet light, reducing device weight.

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Flexible quality

SCHOTT RealView® is flexible enough to fulfill a wide range of customer specifications. Smart glasses with excellent waveguides are used for providing close-up detail for complex manufacturing processes and medical procedures, enhancing business presentations and educational lectures, and generating crisp graphics for gaming and home entertainment.

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Product Variants

The SCHOTT RealView® portfolio features a number of specialty glass wafers for augmented reality devices that not only boost image quality but offer a significant reduction in size, weight, and thickness. Tight tolerance control, high homogeneity, and low image variation also help to maximize production yields.

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Outline of two hands holding a circular glass wafer

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