SCHOTT® Cavity Cap

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap offers an impressive range of technical standards thanks to high-end microscale structuring, the latest bonding technology, and fine-tuned dicing. A key component for miniaturized systems, its customization potential makes any shape possible, offering a highly versatile packaging solution.

Accurate, reliable, and highly customizable

Create it your way

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap is available in a wide range of glass types and a broad variety of CTEs depending on submount material. As well as diced caps, we can also provide cap wafers, both with the option of a top window coating to reduce light-reflection losses.

High light transmission

Thanks to the use of SCHOTT’s acclaimed thin glasses, the top window of SCHOTT® Cavity Cap offers light transmission up to 91.7% for wavelengths in the UV to near-IR range.

Highly accurate geometry

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap is available in a wide range of total heights, typically from 1-2 mm, but this can be halved or doubled depending on component combinations. Underlining the product’s impressive versatility, spacer height can range between 0.2-3.3 mm, while dam widths are available down to 0.5 mm.

Outstanding reliability

The outstanding inner wall quality of FLEXINITY® combined with carefully selected bonding solutions and optimum cap dicing parameter settings results in SCHOTT® Cavity Cap offering high mechanical strength and a lack of loose particle formation during the closure process and application.

Technical Details for SCHOTT


Material D 263® Family MEMpax® AF 32® eco BOROFLOAT® 33
CTE (ppm/K) 7.2  3.3  3.2  3.3 


Technical Data – Window
Luminous transmittance τvD65 at 0.3 mm ~ 91.7 %
Thickness (h1) 0.1 – 1.1 mm
AR coating (single-side/double-side) on demand


Technical Data – Spacer
Spacer height (h2)
0.2 – 3.3 mm
Opening size (a, b) variable; min. 0.3 mm
Opening tolerances < 20 μm (equiv. ± 10 μm)
Dam width (d1, d2) down to 0.5 mm


Technical Data – Cap
Cap size (L, W) variable; min. 3 x 3 mm
Cap size tolerance ± 100 μm
Cap height (h1+h2) min. 0.3 mm
Chipping (inner edge) < 10 μm
Chipping (diced outer edge) < 100 μm 


SCHOTT® Cavity Cap-Graphic-Dimensions


  • Wafer-level hermetic laser bonding: high level of hermeticity. 

  • Minimal heat load: heat-affected zone of just a few micrometers. 

  • Additive-free: no adhesives or extra materials required.

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap Materials

SCHOTT® Cavity Cap is available as:

  • D 263® T eco

  • AF 32® eco

  • MEMpax®


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