Quartz Housings For Frequency Control

Quartz Housings For Frequency Control

For over 75 years, SCHOTT has been developing and manufacturing vacuum-tight assemblies of glass and metal to feed electrical signals through the walls of hermetically sealed packages. This gives us a vast amount of experience in providing housings to the automotive, IT, telecoms and electronics industries.
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No matter what the environment or situation, SCHOTT quartz housings protect time-keeping and regulating systems in a range of consumer electronics. This is particularly important with consumer products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and watches, but also in the wide range of remote control systems and electrical applications with timer functions.

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SCHOTT housings are used to protect a large variety of sensors commonly found in the electronic systems of modern vehicles, such as engine management, in-car climate modulation, car-navigation systems, energy technology and vehicle stability control – for example, tire pressure sensors.

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Quartz housings are hard at work in a variety of industrial applications, from essential pressure and temperature sensors in manufacturing machinery to housings for infrared sensors that provide long-term reliability in delivering information and safety warnings in harsh conditions.

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