Passivation Glass Frits

SCHOTT Passivation Glasses deliver excellent performance in wafer passivation and encapsulation processes, benefitting a wide array of semiconductor devices.
Range of different thyristors, power transistors and diodes

Thyristors, Power Transistors and Diodes

SCHOTT’s technical glass frit is ideal for passivation of wafers. The material is particularly effective for passivate thyristors, power transistors, and diodes.

Several black sinter glass diodes
Illustration showing the protection of a single-chip diode

Sinter Glass Diodes and Rectifiers

A variety of glass compositions are available to passivate and encapsulate sinter glass diodes as well as single-chip and stacked-chip glass bead rectifier diodes.

Two fingers holding a blue varistor

High Voltage Devices

SCHOTT glasses are used to chemically and mechanically strengthen high voltage devices such as varistors.

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