NOVOLAY® secure and PYRANOVA® secure

High-security safety glass from SCHOTT plays an indispensable role in several different areas within business, commercial, public and private buildings. Whether providing protection from fire, smoke and heat or shielding people and property from attack, SCHOTT safety glass delivers essential peace of mind.
Internal fire doors in a modern building


External and internal doors are key vulnerable points within a building and so require materials able to resist all threats. Whether fitted in timber or steel structures, PYRANOVA® secure and NOVOLAY® secure glasses offer the highest protection against impact, burglary and bullet penetration.

Glass facade used in the entrance to a large building


One of the most popular and stylish features of many modern buildings is the glass facade, but in the 21st-century they have to do more than just look good. SCHOTT safety glass guards against critical situations of all kinds, protecting against impact and external attack, as well as smoke, hot gases and thermal radiation in the event of a fire.

Glass partitions in the Straubing Police Headquarters in Germany


Effective flow of light is a key aspect of modern architecture. Fire-rated glass partitions made with PYRANOVA® secure or NOVOLAY® secure glass offer outstanding protection and a stylish appearance to offices, commercial spaces, staircases and skylights, while preserving the power of natural light.

Broken glass front of a jeweler's shop window with gold necklaces and rings

High security buildings

While resistance to fire and impact is always important, there are some buildings that face a greater risk of attack. That’s why SCHOTT PYRANOVA® secure and NOVOLAY® secure can often be found in prisons, embassies, military buildings, high-end jewelry stores, government departments, art galleries, museums, banks and exclusive residential buildings.

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