Cross-section view of a bioreactor, showing a SCHOTT ViewPort™ for Bioprocessing


These revolutionary process analytical technology (PAT) components act as sensor receptacles on bioreactors, enabling in-situ bioprocess monitoring through hermetically sealed optical windows without compromising the sterile boundary. This leads to reduced contamination risk and higher process yield.
Close-up of a scientist examining a bioreactor using a Raman Spectrometer through a SCHOTT ViewPortTM interface

PAT: for preventing contamination

In contrast to existing physical sampling methods that require opening the bioreactor to take samples out or insert probes, ViewPort® receptacles enable safe and sterile in-situ process measurements through optical windows. This helps to minimize contamination risk.

ViewPort three reactors

Optimized yield and process automation

ViewPort® components allow easy and continuous measuring of key process parameters via the optical interface. This enables real-time adaptation of processes, which leads to increased yield. Options for lab-scale, stainless steel and single-use bioreactor systems allow upscaling from process development to production scale.

SCHOTT ViewPort™ for stainless steel multi-use bioreactors

Product variants

We offer standard ViewPort® variants for stainless steel multi-use bioreactors as well as customized versions for single-use bioreactors upon request. The components can be integrated into bioreactors of varying sizes, from lab-scale to large-scale production.

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SCHOTT ViewPort for Bioprocessing Lab Scale
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How ViewPort® sensor ports enable advanced process control

Tailored system of bioreactor, spectrometer system, and probe receptacle, which meets typical instrumental and regulatory requirements
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