Pump Laser Modules

TO method of production giving rise to economical benefits.


Pump laser modules are suitable for use in 980nm or 1480nm pump lasers for long haul, CATV or Gas Sensors.

Product features

  • Ferrule or window option, brazed or welded.
  • Selective Plating technology to reduce gold and provide stability in the face of fluctuating gold prices.
  • Superior thermal performance with Copper baseplate and steel body combination.
  • Best way to bring the cost down.
  • Gold plated pins for wire bonding.
  • Heatsink with screw holes for mechanical attachment to PCB.
  • Ample Space for subassemblies in package.

Product images

Pump laser module

Pump laser module

Butterfly package for pump laser

Butterfly package for pump laser

SCHOTT butterfly solution figure

Simulation Assumptions:

Heat Source: TEC (A=7.5x3.5mm, H=1mm)
Power of LD: 1W
Heat Sink: Size of package, T=constant 20°C