The multiple qualities of MIRONA® that create extraordinary effects for displays in museums, transport hubs and retail outlets are changing the way we view and shop, making the glass a fascinating element of modern architecture and interior design.
Museum exhibit encased in SCHOTT MIRONA® semi-transparent mirrored glass

Dramatic displays

Museum and gallery displays are can be transformed by MIRONA®. Switching from mirror to window allows instant focus on objects, adding a real sense of drama to the experience. At Leipzig’s German Book and Script Museum, MIRONA® High-Reflective Grey fronts a display case on mass media. As visitors move along it, timed lighting switches the glass from mirror to window, focusing on objects to show a timeline of media history.

Interior of a store with SCHOTT MIRONA® semi-transparent mirrored glass

Retail transformation

MIRONA® is revolutionizing shopping by allowing customers to browse products interactively, changing from a mirror to a touchscreen in an instant. In touchscreen mode, a customer can check sizes, colours and alternative garments, and even order products for home delivery.

Interior of the Frankfurt Airport Center with displays made from SCHOTT MIRONA® semi-transparent mirrored glass

Clear guidance

MIRONA® glass is ideal for giving crisp clarity to information screens. It’s used to great effect on a ‘media column’ display at the Frankfurt Airport Center conference space. The display uses MIRONA® glass for multimedia screens that guide visitors around the center. MIRONA® also generates satisfyingly sharp pictures when used as a screen for televisions and projectors.

Interior of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany, with displays made from SCHOTT MIRONA® semi-transparent mirrored glass

Shining design

In addition to its high-tech capabilities, MIRONA® has eye-catching esthetic qualities that designers can use for stunning architectural and interiors elements, such as partition walls, wall panelling and decorative light covers.

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