SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing in a gallery pictures and cases


From old Masters to modern masterpieces, see art in all its glory with SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing. MIROGARD® is almost 90% more effective in eliminating reflection than float glass, yet protects pictures from harmful UV light. No wonder galleries and museums all over the world trust it.
SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing in an office environment

Picture perfect

Totally transparent, almost invisible, and free of reflections to the highest degree, MIROGARD® offers unrestricted viewing free of shine. Its highly durable optical interference coating defends against the destructive effects of UV light, as well as abrasions, and is easy to clean, so valuable works of art can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.

SCHOTT MIROGARD® reflection-free picture glazing protecting ancient images in a museum

Layer resistance and cleanability

Since 1964 SCHOTT has used the unique sol-gel dip-coating process, which involves applying multiple layers of metal oxide to the glass before burning them in. This results in a range of advantages, including mechanical and chemical durability, as well as the practical benefit of being easy to clean.

SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing used in museum showcases

Product variants

A raft of expertly engineered MIROGARD® products are available, including MIROGARD® Protect, which can filter out 99% of UV rays, and MIROGARD® DARO, which features an anti-fingerprint coating that reduces irritating marks. The glass also comes in a range of thicknesses, from 2 mm to 8.4 mm, giving collection owners the flexibility of choice.

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SCHOTT MIROGARD® – The best view of a world cultural heritage

Find out how SCHOTT transformed The Abbey Library of St. Gallen in Switzerland, protecting its collection of ancient manuscripts, whose origins date back to the 4th century AD.
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