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Dental Glass

SCHOTT® DentalGlass products are widely used as inorganic fillers in composites and other dental restoration and prosthetic applications. SCHOTT offers a broad range of dental glass varieties defined by superior quality, excellent transparency, and extremely high purity down to the smallest grain size.
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High quality, exceptional purity

SCHOTT's expertise in dental glasses is based on a 130-year history as world leader in specialty glass. The production of dental glasses must meet high purity requirements to achieve very small grain sizes with excellent transparency. To fulfill this, SCHOTT® DentalGlasses are manufactured using dedicated optical glass melting tanks and specialized grinding facilities.

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Productive partnership with trusted reliability

SCHOTT offers first-class support for your developments – from simple modifications to unique new glass fillers. We are capable of meeting your unique requirements, including optical properties, processes such as silanization and prepolymerization, morphology (including particle size distribution), and applications beyond composites.

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Product variants

In addition to inert glass powders, SCHOTT offers reactive glasses for use in ionomer cements and compomers, bioactive dental glasses for therapeutic and prophylactic effects in composites, as well as DentalGlass Resist, which offers exceptional acid and alkaline resistance. Finally, our radiopaque additives enhance x-ray visibility of dental filler materials.

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